Parsites could be the source of your SIBO

SIBO is a disease from hell. If you sympathize with that statement you know how difficult it can be to cure.

SIBO is a complex disease because most of the times it's just a symptom of something going wrong in your body, like a disfunctional liver, stress, or parasites.

Many SIBO patients relapse, and end up in a loop of taking antibiotics, feeling better for 6 months, SIBO reappears, and then antibiotics. This means that you are not addresing the real cause of your SIBO, because your bacteria keeps overgrowing.

From what I have seen in forums and in my research done during fighting SIBO, it seems parasite is often an overlooked cause. Parasites form a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, they feed on it, and produc emore bacteria, so it would be in their best interest to cause disbiosis (bacterial unbalance) in your gut.

A few of the reasons why parasites could be related to your SIBO case:

  • Parasites usually go unnoticed and modern medicine standard way of testing for them is stool, which is highly unrealiable. Parasites job is to remain hidden.
  • Parasites symptoms are very similar to that of SIBO, they cause gastric problems and digestion problems.
  • Parasites form a symbiosis with bacteria, to which the high recurrence of SIBO could be attributed. You can get rid of the bacteria temporarily but as long as you have the parasites bacteria will keep overgrowing because the parasites need it.
  • There are certain types of parasites that significantly weaken the immune system. One of the causes of SIBO is a wekened immuned system, much often attributed to high stress. We all leave stressful lives so it's very easy to attribute a weakened immune system to stress rather than parasites.
  • Even in developed countries the occurence of parasites is high.

Curing SIBO is very difficult. Even if parasites are not the true cause of your SIBO it's worth checking it out. What I can tellyou for sure is that most people have at least some type of parasite. Some of them are very good at going unnotice and not causing any symptoms.

As I said stool testing is not very realiable for detecting parasites, sometimes and very often the best route is to do an antiparasitic protocol and see if you feel better. If you have no parasites you will feel nothing differently, but you likely will.

If you are having a hard time curing SIBO and have not yet considered parasites maybe it's the time to do so. I can tell you from my experience I did feel better.