Frequently Asked Questions

What's the goal of

Like many visitors of this site, I was chronically sick and modern medicine failed me. I went to countless doctors, some made me worst, others did nothing. Modern medicine is significantly flawed. Illnesses have more that one root cause, and modern medicine is unable to recognize that, otherwise we woudlnt have so many specilists, but rather generalists that are able to see how each specialty connects with each other.

With that said, my struggle motivated me to create a site, that provides an alternative, and shares the knowledge that I acquired trying to heal myself, which I ultimately achieved.

I'm not a doctor, and this is not medicine. I hope this site is a proof that nature provides a cure for illnesses. Most if not all of the supplement you will find here come from nature.

What is a "supplement stack"?

A supplement stack is a combination of supplements that should be taken together in order to heal or improve specific symptoms, in some cases the supplement might be synergistic resulting in greater effectiveness

Are amazon links affiliate links?


Why do you use affiliate links?

I have invested a significant amount of my time in the website and the information in it, I also have hosting costs, which are not much to be honest but still. I also have other economic reasons which I wont go into details here. The goal of the site is not to generate money, but to help others that have gone through what I have, using all the knowledge that I acquired in my journey to heal.

How are the supplements chosen?

95% of the supplements that you will find on the page have been used by me, however I'm completely aware that each person is different and that what worked for me might not work for somebody else. This is why my personal experience is not the only measure I use to select the supplements. This is a list of the factors I take to choose the supplements:

  • Information from the many books I have read
  • Research papers from popular research sites
  • Feedback and experiences from forums and social media communities in which I'm an active member