Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue is one of the most common chronic illnesses of our time. Sadly it's yet to be officially recognized as an illness. There are two equivalents that modern medicine recognizes, they are addisons disease and Cushing's Syndrome. The latter refers to underactive adrenals, meaning lack of cortisol, while the former refers to too much cortisol. Both of these conditions are extreme ends of cortisol production. You can have adrenal issues without having any of these two conditions, yet experience significant symptoms.

The good news is that you can address them using just natural supplements, which I'm not sure you can do when you get to any of the above mentioned conditions.


Vitamin C

Make sure it always includes bioflavonoids, this one does, without it absorption is negligible. Vitamin C is so important to adrenals that Vitamin C levels are a congruent indicator of adrenal function. Adrenals use vitaminc C to produce cortisol, if you suffer from low adrenal function you may have a vitamin c defficiency. Gums that bleed during tooth brushing, or bruising easily are signs of vitamin c deficiency.

Vitamin E

Very few people know of the importance of vitamin E for adrenal fatigue sicn eit has no obvious part in the adrenal processes, however Vitamin E is vital for neutralizing free radicals that could be the result of adrenal issues, without it you will be stuck in an infinite cycle of improvement and relapsing.